Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji-won acting as the female detective in the drama is so cool, gorgeous and lovable. She was voted the most eligible lady in Korea 2003, mainly because of her performance in Damo.

Really hope to see more from Ha Ji-won and hope that she can visit other Asian countries once in a while.

Ha Ji-won started her career playing supporting roles in TV productions, recognizable for her feminine height and her then chubby cheeks.

Korean sexy girls

Korean sexy girls

Korean sexy girls

Name: Ha Ji WonCountry: South Korea
Birthday: June 28, 1979
Height: 168 cm
Blood type: Type A
Profession: Model/Actress
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

In 2002, Ha Ji-won had her breakthrough as the lead in the horror film Phone, a film thematically and stylistically similar to a whole spate of horror films coming out of East Asia at the time. Her performance was good enough to win her a best actress nomination during the Blue Dragon awards. This success secured her many more film offers as well as “big star” status.

Since then she has gone on to make films like the American Pie-clone Sex is Zero and more recently, Reversal of Fortune. She also began an attempt at a recording career in 2002.

Ha Ji-Won has recently starred in the series What Happened in Bali in early 2004, co-starring Jo Insung and So Jisub. At the said project, she played the hard-put tour guide Lee Soojung, who consequently attracted two guys to her own discomfort. Her performance in that 2004 drama won her a Baek-Sang Best Actress Award.

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