Lee Hyo Ri [이효리], Sexy Korean Singer

Lee Hyori (Korean: 이효리, Lee Loi), born May 10, 1979, is a singer and actor in Korea. Former member of girl group Fin.KL very successful, but she shines when pursuing a solo career.
Solo career

Since its separation from Fin.KL female group and solo career in development in 2005, Lee Hyori has quickly become one of the hottest names on the Korean scene kids.

Lee attract young audiences by performing a sexy style, beauty boast fully shown on the fashion magazines, music with South Korea's top video clips of hot. Therefore, the press does not hesitate to Asia right gift for her 28-year-old singer nicknamed "Britney Spears of Asia."

To date, the album was released three years respectively, Hyori Lee is considered one of the richest female singer country kimchi. In November last year, Lee has signed a three year contract with M-Net entertainment company and became "the most expensive female artist of Korea [citation needed].

After this contract, Lee has embarked on work, she appeared on many magazines, participated in a TV movie (Like These love with Lee Dong Gun) and launching new single, Toc Toc Toc, on 25 / 2 back to life. Toc Toc Toc Once the SBS broadcast, this exciting song has captured the hearts of young music fans.

Along with the return to the stage musical Young, Lee Hyori also promised to bring a new image - the bright, pretty different brand, "she sexy" that the media is attributed to her so long.

Currently she is the penetrating power of music market in Japan - a major market for the majority of Korean artists.
Style Fashion

Lee Hyori is considered one of the leading Asian stars in fashion. Since Lee Hyori Fin.KL separated female group to develop a solo career in 2003, this singer has made a mark for themselves: it is brown leather ball, body wire, with the curve S charming.

The first album in the career of Lee's catalog number is Stylish E consumption and reach more than 170,000 copies in Korea alone. With a completely different shape - the same countries boast attractive leather comb, and a sexy style of performance - Lee Hyori has conquered young music fans. The album also brought the award to Lee's most prestigious music, solution and more than 7 Daesangs Awards "Female Artist of the Year" other.

Second solo album called Dark Angel of Hyori is made and released in February 2006. However, this album is not appreciated, if not quite "sunk" if there is no scandal to her single Get Ya copied sued by Britney Spears Do Something. Vol3 album due for release mid this year, is the leading style sexy queen will be introduced Balad.

This year, Lee Hyori enthusiastic and promising a return to the small screen with impressive as an actor in the drama If In Love ... Like Them with actor Lee Dong Gun. This is the TV movie Monday in her career after the drama of KBS alfalfa (2004) not successful. This year, she will participate as guest Air.Mot On series, famous series on SBS about the lives of celebrities and the truth about the entertainment industry in Korea.

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